How Jefferson County Bail Bonds Can Get You out of Jail?

While in jail, many individuals seek temporary freedom through bail bonds. Jefferson County bail bonds are the legal documents that are primarily drafted in a form of contractual undertakings between the accused and the bail bonds agency. This legal document assures that the bail bond agency is responsible for the defendant’s appearance in court when summoned at any point in time.

What does a bail bondsman do?

The bail bondsman can provide you with the necessary tools and funds to secure jail release while your case is still pending.

In most cases, family members or the loved ones of the accused call a bail bonds agent for their early release. Here, the bail amount, which is set by the judge and other legal authorities, is required to be paid by the defendant. In exchange for the services, the bail bonds agency charges 10% of the total bail amount from the defendant. The legal document is paid in full and ensures the defendant’s appearance in the court for scheduled trials.

Usually, the bail amount set by the court varies to a major extent. This amount is finalized, considering the severity of the charges against the defendant and also past criminal records. If the charges are of a high degree, the accused may need to sign a collateral for security with the bond agent. For the lesser bail bond cost, collateral may not be needed to those who are unemployed, have poor credit, or have a lot of debts. An example of collateral can be real estate that has more equity than the total amount needed to get out of jail. Good credit has a significant role. More likely, it will make your move more quickly through the process of obtaining bail bonds and securely coming out of jail.

Some bail bond agencies accept collateral instead of monetary payment to cover the bail bond premium. Additionally, depending on the case, the judge might also allow the court to accept collateral instead of raw cash to cover bail if you are working directly with the system to arrange for bail.

If you are working with a bail bonds agency and want to use collateral instead of cash, it will be up to the agent to figure out what is acceptable as collateral. Generally, the agencies prefer to receive something with a greater value of the bond. Because, if the accused skips bail, the agent can cover the lost bond and his time and effort by selling the collateral. As long as the accused appears to the court, the individual will be relieved of the obligation to forfeit any of the property that was put up for the bond in the first place.

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