Jefferson County Bail Bonds


Jefferson County Bail Bonds

VIP Bail Bonds is your number one choice for getting 24-hour bail bonds in Jefferson County. We provide quick and efficient bail bonds when your loved is in a tight situation. We have a licensed local bail bondsman who will be give you professional assistance throughout the bailing process. Our services cover the following cities in Jefferson County:

  • Arvada
  • Edgewater
  • Evergreen
  • Golden
  • Lakewood
  • Littleton
  • Westminster
  • Wheat Ridge
Bail Bonds In Jefferson
Jefferson County Bail Bonds

What you should know about Jefferson County Bail Bonds

Upon arrest, an individual gets booked inside Jefferson County Detention Center which is located in the city of Golden. A schedule is set for the arrestee/detainee to see the judge to determine if he/she can post bail, depending on the offense committed. Should you or the arrestee/detainee lack funds for bail, you can contact a bonding agent who can help process bail bonds in a flash.

Jefferson County is the only county in Colorado that does not require an appointment to post bail for a Jefferson County inmate. We can meet you in jail to initiate express bail bonds so that your loved one will get out of jail fast.

Jefferson County Bondsman

You need to provide us with the following to help your 24-hour bondsman speed up the process:

  • Proof of income
  • Piece of mail to confirm your address
  • Arrestee/detainee need to have name and dob
  • What the arrestee/detainee is charged with
  • Prior records of the arrestee/detainee
  • Bail amount set
  • Detention facility of the arrestee/detainee

You can also get the booking details by using the Jefferson County Inmate Locator in case you fail to get them all from your loved one. The search will show everything including the bond, charges, and court dates for arrestee/detainee.You will only have to wait for minutes for your jail bondsman to prepare the necessary papers required for your surety bail bonds. You may also be required to become a cosigner or indemnitor for the arrestee/detainee. You will carry a lot of responsibilities, so make sure you truly trust the person that you are cosigning for.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s office:- (303) 277-0211

                 Jefferson County Detention Center:- 303-271-5444Jail Fee: $40

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About the County

Jefferson County, more commonly known as “Jeffco” was created in 1861, along with the establishment of the Colorado Territory in 1861. It was one of the 17 original Counties of Colorado territory. The county was named after Thomas Jefferson, the 3rd President of the United States of America.  Golden City is the county seat. Later on, it was referred to simply as Golden.

Like most Counties in Colorado at that time, the economy was based on mining, farming, and ranching. This provided a steady flow income for the county’s first residents.

Mostly inhabited by Native Americans, almost all of them have been relocated later on in reserves.   Skirmishes were frequent during the early days when pioneers came to mine gold, and the native population strove to fend them off.

The Colorado School of Mines was established in Jeffco in 1874, and from which many geologist and mining engineers were trained.

Another interesting fact is that a German immigrant Adolp Coors, along with his partner Jacob Scheuler, deiced to establish a brewery in Jeffco. That was in 1873. To this day, the Coors brewery still stands and provides local employment as well as a tourist attraction.

The current Jefferson County Sheriff is Jeff Shrader. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office can be found in Golden, Jefferson County.

Court & Jail Information

Handcuffs Bail Bonds

Jefferson County
Detention Facility
200 Jefferson County Pkwy
Golden,co 80401
Inmate Info:303-271-5445

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