24/7 Bail Bond Services in Denver, Colorado

VIP Bail Bonds is a 24-hour bail bonds companythat can provide you with the necessary aid to help you understand bail bonds in Colorado. If ever you find yourself or your loved one in a tight situation with the law, please do not hesitate to call our bail hotline at (303) 778-0026

Defense While Sitting In A Jail Cell.

How does bail bond work?

Bail is a procedure set by the Judge in court so that an arrested person charged with an offense can get out of jail until the appointed court date. The amount of bail is set by the judge to make sure that the person will keep his appointment with the court. The money/collateral used by the bonding agent to post bail bonds Denveris returned when the court trial is finished. If the arrestee/detainee skips bail, the bail is forfeited,and the jail bondsman is allowed to chase the defendant, apprehend him/her and bring him/her to court. Offenses that you can get bail bonds service for include:

  • Drug arrest
  • Misdemeanor bail
  • Probation violation
  • Theft arrest
  • Weapons violation

Types of Colorado bail bonds

Bail bonds in Colorado are categorized into five classes

  • Cash bail – you will pay the court the total amount of bail in cash. The court will hold the bail until the defendant appears in all court-appointed hearings until the case is concluded. If all the court requirements are met at the conclusion of the trial, the cash bail will be returned in full.
  • Surety bond – this is an alternative when you or the defendant cannot pay the bail amount in full. You will enter a contract with a local bail bondsman,and he/she will be the one to pay for the bail. The bonding agent will promise to the court that he/she will pay for the bond forfeiture should the defendant skips bail.
  • Property bond – depending on the circumstances, a Denver County inmate canbe released from prison upon placing a property bond. The court uses the property or home to record a loan to secure the bail amount. Should the defendant skips, the court can foreclose the property in order to get the bail amount.
  • Personal Release/Recognizance bond – the arrested individual agrees to undergo a pre-trial release program approved by the court. He/she will be released without having to post bail.
  • Citation – the arresting officer issues a citation immediately upon arrest, informing the arrestee that he/she is required to appear in court at an appointed date.

Surety bond cost from a Denver bail bondsman

A bail bondsman in Colorado is licensed and regulated by the Colorado Division of Insurance to charge 10 percent bail bonds for bonds that are $5,000 or higher. Let’s say you’ve been given a bail amount of $10,000. The premium charged for posting bail bonds Denver, CO will be $1,000. Some courts and detention facilities charge for bonding and booking fees. Depending on the conditions of the bail, 24-hour bondsman can charge up to 15% premium or $50 minimum. The premium is non-refundable and will be considered as your bondsman’s fee for posting bail in bonds on your behalf.

Safe and Secure Denver bail bonds

Keep yourself and your loved one safe by getting immediate bail bonds from a licensed bail bonding agent. VIP Bail Bonds encourages you to look into our bondsmen’s licenses before you enter a bail bond agreement. Our bonding agents are oriented to educate you how does bail work in Colorado so that you will know your rights and responsibilities either as an arrestee/detainee or cosigner/indemnitor. Every single fee should be transparent and must be furnished with a receipt.

Feel free to call our bail hotline at (303) 778-0026 when you or your loved one is arrested in Denver County. Our services also cover the following counties in Colorado:

  • Aurora County
  • Boulder County
  • Douglas County
  • Jefferson County
  • Broomfield County

Our bond agents are staff will take your case under strict confidentiality. We care about our clients,and our only wish is for you to be set free. Contact us now,and you will get fast, reliable, and professional bail bond services like no other.