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How does bail bond work?

If you are never arrested in the past, you must not know anything about the entire process of Denver bail bonds. Generally, a bail is a procedure which allows a person to get free from the jail until his / her court date. The amount of the bail is set by a judge, which is designed to make sure that the person will show up in the court. If the person does, then the money/collateral is returned. If he doesn’t appear, bail is forfeited.

The common types of charges that require a bail service include -DUI Arrest, Drug Arrest, Misdemeanor Bail, Probation Violation, Theft Arrest and Weapons Violation.

The five options for release an arrest are Cash bail, Surety bond, Property bond, Release on Personal Recognizance and Release on Citation.

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What Consent of Surety Stands for?

A written document which you get from your bail bondsman is known as a consent of surety. You have to post a new bond if you didn’t get a consent of surety. You may need it for Bond Reinstatement, The Bond may be void unless Suspect must obtain a consent if he fails to appear in the court when required for Continuance of his Bond. If the suspect gets convicted, nolo contendere, plead guilty your Bond automatically gets expire unless you get a consent of surety to continue until your sentencing date.


What is Bail Bondsman?

A bail bondsman or bail bonding agent posts a suspect appearance bond and gives the assurance that the suspect will appear whenever he/she required. The agents must be licensed from the state and must have an appointment from an insurance firm. Bail bondsman are paid in premium to post the bond, which is nonrefundable. If the suspect fails to appear in the court, the court may order to the bonding agent to pay the whole amount of the bond and the bond gets forfeited. Bail bondsman have the authority to return the suspect to the custody and to use collateral to pay the bond forfeited and its costs.