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Selecting a Boulder County bail bond need not be a difficult task, as our firm is available day and night ready to get you held in Boulder County in Colorado State. After an arrest in Boulder County, you will be booked and end up in Boulder County Jail. You will join other inmates serving a jail term for their crimes as you await the outcome of your criminal case.

However, you can post a bail bond in the local jail and go through a release procedure. Our services deal with the following bond types allowed within Boulder County;

• Immigration bail bonds.
• Federal bail bonds.
• Property bail bonds.
• Surety bail bonds.
• Juvenile bail bonds.
• Appeal bail bonds.



Understanding the Boulder County Bail Bonds

• The county jail collects USD 30 booking fee and USD 10 fee on each bond posted on behalf of an inmate.
• The county jail requires the bail bondsman to call and make an appointment at the prison’s discretion.
• In general, release time takes 1-4 hours.
• Bails for Boulder County covers for convicts from municipal courts of Boulder, Erie, Longmont, Louisville, Lyons, Nederland and Superior.
• There are many channels to complete a bail transaction in Boulder County; electronically through faxes, credit card and email or by cash where guarantors meet at the jail to post bail.

Why Choose Us

First, our firm believes that our customers’ needs are of utmost importance and we have a dedicated team to take you through the entire bail process and meet your needs. Through this, our firm enjoys a lot of repeat customers not mentioning the many referrals.

Secondly, we will give you a professional bail guarantor to help you with the process. He will take you through the process of understanding the ground rules touching on how to post a surety bond after making a more informed decision on your options. Any concerns raised, we will surely give you the so needed personal attention.

Thirdly, we will charge you only the legal rates recommended by the state of Colorado. Boulder County bonds are no more than 15% of the sum of the bond amount with any jail fees. To earn your trust, we will give you itemised receipts on all charges, provide you with signed contracts and agreements and attend to any concerns after posting bail.

Finally, yet importantly, we will guarantee the court of your appearance in court every time the judge requires you to. We will advise you on which cosigner to pick, so long as he or she is working and either own or rent a home in Boulder County. Know that if you skip a court attendance, the cosigner entirely responsible for the full amount of the bail.

Do not hesitate to call us on 303-778-0026 today and speak to our friendly customer friendly nad honest bail guarantors who will take you through any problems you may have with regards to the bail bond process in Boulder County, Colorado.

Boulder Jail: 303-441-4603

Jail Fee: $40.00

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