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VIP Bail Bonds provides fast, efficient and affordable 24-hour Denver bail bonds in the State of Colorado. If you or your loved one got in trouble in Mile High City or anywhere in the state of Colorado, Denver VIP Bail Bonds needs to be your first phone call. With our offices open 365 days in a year, there will always be someone in VIP Bail Bonds who can guide you out of this stressful time. We see you; we see your loved one. We will work together so that you will get the bond that will fit your needs.

24-Hour Denver Bail Bonds service​

Our offices are open 24/7. A Denver Bail Bondsman Co will be ready to serve you the moment you make that call. No matter what time of the day, a local bail bondsman will be there to assist you. Once all the details about your arrestee/defendant are ready, our local bail bondsman will have your bail bond papers prepared within minutes. Rest assured, you will see your friend or loved one out of jail in no time.

Call VIP Bail Bonds for Immediate service

Don’t settle and give the fate of your loved one to a Denver Bail Bonds company you are not sure of. Always keep us in mind when you are thinking about a “bondsman near me.” A local bondsman will be with you shortly, and your bail bonds will be processed within minutes.No outrageous bail bond fees. No shady deals. Contact us as (303) 778-0026 and our friendly staff will more than happy to serve you. Or you can fill up our online application so you can start experiencing the best bail bond service in Colorado.

Why choose VIP Denver Bail Bonds

Choosing a Denver Bondsman should not be taken lightly. The safety and security of your arrestee/detainee is at stake. You need peace of mind in order to function properly and be the support of your family during the process. Here are the reasons why we are your first choice when you are searching for “Local Bail Bondsman near me” in Denver, Co.

Reliable local bail bondsman near me

There is nothing more stressful and painful than a bail bonds near me agent bailing out on you on the last minute. Your bail bonds agent will offer support and encouragement. We will only give you the best bail bondsman Denver Co who has the resource to help you based on your unique situation. Check us out at Denver BBB and the Colorado Division of Insurance,and you’ll know we always deliver.

Bail Bond services we provide​

Denver VIP bail bonds near me offer a variety of services to help you and your loved one get through this trying time. The services we cover include but not limited to:

  • Online bail bonds
  • Cash bonds
  • Surety bonds
  • Collateral bonds
  • Property bonds


You know whom you’re dealing with, and what you’re dealing with. You are free to ask questions about how does bail work. In fact, we encourage it! Everything you need to know will be laid out to you. You won’t be under pressure to sign up and agree to a bail bond contract that is vague. We will set expectations and make sure that your payment options are presented to you in order.


All agents in VIP Denver Bail bonds are licensed to practice. They are highly knowledgeable about the Court and Jail proceedings. You will always be able to contact your bail bonds near me agent. You will be regarded as an equal and will be treated with respect accordingly. We make it a point to exceed your expectations when it comes to your bail bond needs.

You don’t need to come to us; we will come to you!

No matter where you are in Denver Metro Area, our bail bonds near me agent will be more than happy to meet you where you are. We will go the extra mile and go outside the State for a fee. You don’t need to leave your family at home, or your loved one in jail alone. Let us know your situation, and we’ll do our best to be there where you are.

We willingly and eagerly serve the following Counties and Cities in the State of Colorado:

Our offices are strategically spread throughout the State. We have created an extensive network of Detention Centers and Municipal Courts throughout our years of service. A local bail bonds agent is your best bet because of his/her familiarity with the ins and outs of the local Court. With our vast reach and contacts, you are sure to get exceptional and fast services for your Bail Bonds.

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I called at 6:30pm Ashley met me at a Starbucks by my house at 7:00pm bond was posted by 7:30pm. Very professional, kept me posted even text me a picture of the paper from the posted bond. I would deffanently recommend them to every person that needs a bondsman. Thank you Ashley.. 


Theresa Lewis

Cedric helped me thru the entire process and kept me informed till the very end. He even met me near my home for the paperwork and went down to the jail himself. Making everything super convenient for me, I would highly recommend this bail bonds.


Ashley Smith

VIP Bail Bonds, treat you like a Very Important Person, because YOU ARE – the staff are professional and compassionate – They go ABOVE and BEYOND. If you need to get someone out of jail, call VIP Bail Bonds.


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Here are some resources to help you as you work your way through the bail bonds process. Learn how bail works , and contact us if you have any questions about bail.






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