How do Bail Bonds work in Douglas County?

Getting arrested can be a traumatic time for you and your close ones. However, you can rest aside these woes and seek immediate assistance with the Douglas County bail bond agencies. Indeed, the bail bond is the first thing that you will need to deal with in order to get your loved one released from prison.

Once bail is posted on behalf of the suspect, the defendant will be quickly released from police custody pending the final outcome of the trial. If the defendant fails to appear for the trial, the ordered amount gets forfeited along with the collateral filed with the court as part of Douglas County bail bonds and an arrest warrant will be issued again.

Determining the total cost

Knowing the entire cost of your Douglas County bail bonds services is easy. The amount owed to the bail bonds company cannot fluctuate because it is set up by the State Department. In most states, it is 10% of the total amount determined by the judge. While most agencies will need payment in full upfront for their services, there are others that offer several payment plans or financing options to help defendants and their family members in several ways.

Using collateral to cover a bail bond

In most states, bail amounts set by the court are exceptionally high. Those who don’t have the cash on hand to pay the premium can secure a bond with collateral. This is basically meant to give control of any physical asset to the bail bonds agencies as an assurance that the accused will make all of the court dates and fulfill all of their legal obligations.

Even some bail bonds agencies accept collateral in place of monetary payment to cover the cost of a bail bond premium. Besides, sometimes the judge might also allow the court to accept collateral in place of money to cover bail if anyone works directly with the court to arrange bail.

The requirement for collateral depends on the bond amount. In some cases, it is just the simple signature on the bail bond that is all required by the bondsman, however, in other cases, real estate or something more precious will be needed. For the non-homeowners, bail bonds agencies consider employment status, length of residency, arrest history, and crime severity  while determining whether the accused qualifies for bail services.

If you don’t think you will qualify for collateral or other bail financing, consider any family member or friend as a co-signer. Then that person will provide additional collateral, guaranteeing the bail bonds agency that he will not lose money in case the defendant flees.

If you are working with a Douglas bail bonds agency and want to use collateral instead of cash, it will be up to them to determine what is acceptable as collateral. Generally, the agencies prefer to get something with at least 150% of the total value of the bond.  In case the defendant skips bail, the bail bonds agency can put up as collateral to cover the lost bond and also make them cover time and effort.

Whether it’s real estate, recreational vehicles, or expensive jewelry, using collateral to cover the bail bond costs can be extremely beneficial if you can’t afford to pay a premium. However, the consequences can be severe in case you break the bond agreement in between.

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