Arapahoe County Bail Bonds without the Hassle!

For anyone arrested in Arapahoe County, bail bonds submission is the only way to get him or her out of the Arapahoe County jail. This is the only way to ensure a quick and safe release from jail.

Why do you require a bail bondsman?

Before releasing the defendant, Arapahoe County needs an assurance that the accused individual will cooperate with the legal proceedings and, anyway, will not run away after getting the bail. Besides this guarantee, the court also asks for a certain amount of money as part of the process. This is the bail amount, which in the majority of cases is a bit too high for a common individual to pay. This is where the bail bondsman comes for assistance.

The time taken to securely release your loved one from the jail depends on which jail the defendant has been kept in, and also how busy the facility is. To expedite the release process, the individual should provide all the needed documents as well as the upfront payment to the bail bonds agent, at the earliest. There are certain kinds of bail bonds, such as property, cash, federal, and the bail bondsman you choose will explain to you everything in detail, including the different stages of the process. Once the bail bond process is completed by the agent, it simply becomes a matter of waiting for the jail to release the accused, which usually takes varying amounts of time.

At a bail hearing, the judge sets the amount after considering certain aspects, regarding each individual suspect.

The amount of the bail set by the court depends upon:

  • Criminal background and the run-in with the law
  • The probability that the accused will move town or even the country
  • The risk factor or danger to the general public, or family
  • The employment history
  • The nature and severity of the crime committed

In cases where the crime is declared by the death penalty, the judge will not set a bond and the suspect may have to stay in jail until the court dates.

If the bail amount is beyond the suspect’s affordability, there are two choices: calling a bail bonds agent and waiting for the trial. For a fee, the agent pays and posts a bail bond for the suspect. Usually, the fee charged is 10% of whatever the bail amount be. Because the bail bondsman is taking a big financial risk in agreeing to be held liable for the amount you might owe the court, the agent may require some kind of collateral. It can be the mortgage on the suspect’s home, the title on the motor vehicle, an expensive piece of jewelry, etc. Any kind of tangible property with a substantial resale value can be used as collateral. The following are widely accepted as collateral items:

  • Cash: The suspect may choose to pay immediate cash for collateral if required.
  • Car/Vehicles- Provide proof that you are the real owner.
  • Real Estate Mortgage- For the expensive bail bonds, you may present an up-to-date appraisal of the place.
  • Credit card- For insufficient cash, the credit card can be used as collateral.
  • Jewelry- Any jewelry items, including valuable necklaces, gold rings, and bracelets.

To cover-up the high bail amount, using collateral is extremely beneficial for those who can’t afford to pay a premium. But remember, the significance can be severe in case the suspect breaks the bond agreement in between.

VIP Bail bonds provide affordable Arapahoe County Bail Bonds. We understand the urgent need to get someone out of jail, and this is why our bail bondsman ensures the process of acquiring a bail bond as quickly and stress-free as possible.

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