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To Get Instant Bail Bond Services In Denver?

You found out your friend/loved one is in jail, and they need to you to get them out immediately. The easiest way for you to do this is to get fast bail bonds the moment the judge has post bail. You can bail out your important person out by yourself. However, that would mean hours of work and a stressful confusing day for yourself. You’ll be roaming around almost endlessly instead of giving your time comforting and assuring your loved one. Your solution is to find bail bond servicesthat will be most suitable for your loved one’s situation. How exactly do you get instant bail bonds so that you can set your loved one free

Get the details of the arrestee/defendant

You need to get certain details from your arrestee/defendant in order for your local bail bondsman to process the bail accurately. These details are the following but may not be limited to:

  • Name, permanent address, working number – for proper identification and possibly contacting the arrestee/detainee when he/she is released from jail.
  • Date of birth – an identifying factor that may be asked occasionally by your chosen bail bondsman.
  • Case number – your detainee may be unfortunate enough to share a name with an inmate. Get the case number so that the application for express bail bonds will be accurate and exact to your loved ones.
  • Prior records – bail bonds can be affected by the track record of your arrestee/detainee. Know if he/she has been charged with anything in the past. Don’t be afraid to share this information with a bail bondsman in Denver. This will greatly affect how bail bonds in Denver Co can help your arrestee/detainee.
  • Offense – what was the offense done by your loved one? Some agents will only handle specific offenses. The offense committed by the person will also greatly affect the amount bail.
  • Detention facility – So you got a phone call, and you got all the above details. However, how can you get immediate bail if you don’t know where the person is locked up? This is important because you need to services of a local bail bonds agent who can be at your friend/loved one’s side within minutes after calling. If you can get their phone number, all the better. Sure, your bail bondsman will be able to get it for you. However, time is of the essence. It’s important that your bail bondsman will be able to contact the facility ASAP, instead of wasting valuable minutes looking up for the right number to call.

Know the amount of bail needed for Denver Bail Bonds

Generally, bail bonds in Denver are already predetermined when it comes to common violations and misdemeanors. If not, the judge usually decides the amount of bail based on the offense and history of the arrestee/detainee. Service agents for bail bonds in Denver will get their fee based on the amount of bail set.

Ask detention officers and/or lawyers

Detention officers know who will be the best jail bondsman to call when you are looking for express bail bonds. They have seen a lot of agents that handle bail bonds Denver, and most of them know which ones to avoid. Lawyers also have been in contact with more than just one bondsman in Denver because of their association with the defendant. Ask your loved one’s court appointed lawyer for a referral.

Avoid roaming agents that offer cheap Denver Bonds

You’ll often see several men strutting around the detention center trying to catch your eye – and your business. Walk around the opposite direction the moment you see them. These agents will tease you by offering cheap bail bonds, but won’t give you anything once you sign up. They usually don’t have any physical office, so you won’t be able to track them down when you or your loved one run into trouble.

Consider Agencies

Agencies know best when it comes to handling express bail bonds. Most agencies have bail bondsmen who already know how does bail work. Half of the screening has already been done for you. Most of the time, agencies hire a Denver bondsman who’s had years of experience dealing with bail bonds Denver County. They can be your support and guide you through the process within minutes.
VIP Bail Bonds have been around providing bail bonds services in Denver County for more than twelve years. Our years of experience has given us valuable insight on the ins and outs of the Court and Jail procedures. Once you give us the necessary details, we will have your bail bonds ready within minutes. All you have to do is sit back and wait for your loved one to be released from jail.
Contact us as soon as you know that you need to get someone out of jail. You don’t have to wear yourself out, stressing about the safety of your loved one. Call us at (303) 778-026 so we can start processing your much needed Denver bail bonds.