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8 Things You Should Look For While Hiring Bail Bondsman in Arapahoe

A bail bondsman in Arapahoe can help you a lot when you need to help a loved one get out of jail. However, not all bail bondsmen are alike. Here’s what you should look for before you hire a bondsman.

Must have a solid reputation

Word gets around when you are dealing with people, and the same goes with an Arapahoe County bail bondsman. A reliable bondsman is someone who has a good, solid reputation in providing bail bond services for an Arapahoe County Inmate. You can ask your friends and family if they know a bondsman and how he/she takes care of his/her arrestee/detainee. You can also ask detention and court officers, most especially your lawyer.

Our bail bondsmen are known to cooperate well with families, law enforcers, and lawyers when it comes to delivering bail bonds in Arapahoe. They are familiar with how we work, and we do our best to take care of our defendants without compromising the court system.

Proof of physical office

You will see ads and flyers of bail bondsmen saying they can provide the best bail bond service in Arapahoe. However, if they insist on doing business outside an office saying it’s more convenient for you, you have to think again. A physical office ensures that you know where to go to in case there’s a problem with your bail bond. If you got the address, double check the authenticity. Some unscrupulous bondsmen provide P.O. Box addresses, or fake ones.

Our office is conveniently located near the Arapahoe County Detention Center. You can easily find us in Google Maps, and our bail hotline is connected to our office. You are welcome to visit us anytime you have questions about our services.

The Arapahoe Bondsman should work with a licensed company

Don’t go for the first person who approaches in the detention facility you when you ask around for the nearest bondsman. This is illegal, and most of the people who do this are not licensed bail bondsmen. The bondsman should be working with a licensed bail bonding company and should carry his/her own license to practice. A licensed bail bondsman means he/she follows the regulations set by the Colorado Division of Insurance regarding how to post bail in Arapahoe.

We will be more than happy to show you proof of our license. We keep our license updated and religiously maintain its validity. Rest assured that our bail bondsmen follow state rules and you are safeguarded against unsavoury business practices.

Years of experience

Posting bail is a complicated process. Someone without any knowledge about how do bail bonds work in Arapahoe will have a tendency to go back and forth during the process.This can take time, and this can compromise your plans and schedule. When you work with an experienced local bondsman, you will have quick bail bonds prepared in no time at all. All the necessary paperwork is efficiently and professionally handled.

VIP Bail Bonds have 12 years of experience providing bail bond services in Colorado. Our bail bondsmen also have more than 10 years of experience. We have established a good connection with jail and court officers, and are highly familiar with the local bail bond system. Everything will do, we do it right.

Should be compassionate and understanding

The amount of stress being locked up in jail can be overwhelming. The pressure of helping a loved one out is also a heavy burden to carry. You need a bail bondsman who is willing to sit down and help you gather yourself together.

Posting bail is more than just a business for us. Our bail bondsmen know the stress you and your arrestee/detainee are going through. We will listen to your concerns and will help you understand everything you need to know about bail in bonds.

Willingness to know you

Not every case is the same, and your situation is unique from the person sitting next to you. A good Arapahoe bondsman will make an effort to know more about your situation and your needs to provide the best service apt to your case. He/she should ask questions and conduct a serious interview about you and your loved one. This is to help him/her know if the person he/she is bailing out has a flight risk, or the tendency to skip bail.

When you get our services, our agent will ask you and your defendant to fill up a form. This is to help us know your situation better, as well as provide us with a means to differentiate your case amongst others.


Arapahoe County bail bonds is a financial undertaking. You should look for a bail bondsman who is transparent about his/her business deals with you. He/she should explain why you have to pay certain fees, and these must be included in the agreement.

We will gladly sit down and explain every fee in detail with you. We usually charge 10 percent bail bonds. If extra charges are needed such as for wearing an ankle monitoring system, we will include this in the contract. Every payment you give us is always issued with a valid receipt.


No one can predict when they will run into trouble with the law. It can happen at the most unexpected moment. You cannot trust a bondsman to help you during an emergency if he/she is unavailable after office hours.

VIP bail bonds is a 24-hour bail bonding company. Our bail bondsmen are always available on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also call us after release so we can coordinate about your court dates and your other responsibilities. If you need help bailing someone out, contact us immediately at (303) 778-0026.