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8 Amazing Tips to Choose a 24 Hour Bail Bonds Agency in Denver

Your loved one is locked up in the Denver County Jail, and you need to post bail to get him/her out. You need a bonding company to answer for the bail fees. How do you know that you got a company that has your best interest?

Go for a referred company

If you are hesitant to choose a Denver County bail bonds company, ask your defendant’s lawyer for a recommendation. Most of the time, lawyers work hand-in-hand with bail bonding companies when it comes to keeping tabs on a defendant. Lawyers also cooperate with bail bonding companies in cases when the defendant stumbles upon difficulties while out on bail.

You can also ask court and detention officers. They engage with bail bonding agents on a daily basis. They know which one is best able to handle your case and provide fast and reliable bail bonding services.

The transaction should be transparent

A bail bonding company should make all transactions transparent when posting Denver County bail bonds. Generally, the fees involve a premium of 10 percent bail bonds depending on the amount of bail set. There’s also a $50 fee for each bond posted. If your defendant must wear an ankle monitoring device, the bail bonding company can also add it as part of extra service.

Whatever fees that you need to pay, our agents will include all of them should be included and stipulated in the contract. All payments made are also issued with an official receipt.

Flexible ways to complete transaction

There are several ways for you to complete a transaction for fast bail bonds. The bonding company should have an online form that you can download, complete, and send via email. Payment options should also be available like using a credit card to fulfill your payment. If you are able, a Denver County bondsman from the company can also meet you in jail to get the details and post bond.

Physical office

Does the Denver County bail bond company have an office that you can go to? The office should be located near the detention center. This eliminates travel time that can interfere with the surety bail bond process. If the bail bonding company does not have its own office, go for another company.

Avoid doing transactions with Denver bondsman who cannot show you where he/she goes to work.  There are several bondsmen who have been arrested for posing as bail bondsmen. These posers often run off with the client’s money and the defendant stays in jail until his/her loved one is able to find a legitimate bondsman, or until the cosigner is financially capable once more.

Professional and cordial

A company should give you a bondsman in Denver County who will treat you with respect and compassion. It is not easy to absorb the fact that a loved one is in jail. The company should be able to understand what is unique about your case and apply appropriate measures for efficient and speedy processing of bail in bonds.

We handle your case with discretion. No one in the company will babble about your situation just because you got Denver County bail bonds services. All details should remain confidential, and all interaction will stay between you and our company.

Provide useful information and resources for Denver County Bail bonds

Getting immediate bail bonds is confusing for laymen. A great bail bond agency in Denver county should provide you with the right resources that will help you understand how do bail bonds work. The bonding agent should explain all the necessary responsibilities the defendant and the cosigner will face.  The company should have resources for Denver County inmate search. This can help you know the status of your arrestee/detainee and the amount of bond set.  If you forgot the details of your Denver County inmate such as the booking number, we will get it for you.

Don’t listen to cheap bail bond offers

Always remember that the State of Colorado regulates bail bond premium in Denver. Depending on the amount of bail and nature of the arrestee’s/detainee’s case, a 10%-15% premium is charged for bonding someone out. If the bonding company boasts that they can post bail for cheaper rates, or require higher fees because of the complexity of your case, report it.

Licensed, bonded, and insured bail bonding company

The Colorado Division of Insurance is responsible for regulating and implementing rules regarding how companies provide bail bond service. Sanctions will be imposed to companies that fail to comply with state regulations. Go for a licensed, bonded, and insured bail bonding company. The Denver bail bonding companyshould show you proof of their licensure and registration. The bonding agent taking care of your case should also have a valid and updated license

Getting Denver County bail bonds from a company is easy and stress-free. We here at VIP Bail Bonds understand the need for efficient and accurate bail bonding service. If you have questions regarding how to post bail and get out jail, please contact us at our bail hotline (303) 778-0026.