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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Post Bail Without a Bondsman

You have a loved one locked up in in the Adams County; you will do everything that you can to help him/her out. Most of the time that includes posting bail in behalf of the arrestee/detainee. This can be done and, depending on certain conditions, you are allowed to post bail. However, posting bail means there are certain risks involved when you do it by yourself. Here are the reasons why you should not post bail without a bail bondsman.

Your finances will become unstable

You may have the resources to pay the bail bond yourself. However, since you will be posting bail for a defendant, you will be carefully observed by the court. Your finances willbe closely scrutinized,and every purchase will be closely guarded. Also, the bail money you gave will stay with the court until the case is dismissed or the court has made a decision and issued a sentence.  Once the trial is over, it may take a month or two before you are able to get hold of your money.

When you hire an Adams County Bondsman, a great bulk of your money will stay with you. The only cash you will give will be for the premium, with is 10 percent bail bonds. You still have enough to cover your expenses and have spare in cases of emergency.

You are chasing against time

It will take time for you to come up with the right amount of money to cover for the bond. Even if you have some items for collateral, these may not be enough. You need to help your loved one get out of jail fast. It’s a stressful and confusing situation being locked up in jail.

When you hire a local bail bondsman, the process will only take minutes. You will have immediate bail bonds in your hands, and you can expect your loved one to be free within several hours. Make sure to get a licensed bondsman who is affiliated with a licensed, bonded, and insured 24-hour bail bond company. They are connected with insurance companies who can provide surety bail bonds in a short notice.

All responsibility lies on your shoulders

Taking care of a defendant means you will be responsible for keeping him/her prompt and present in court hearings. If necessary, you will be the one to escort the defendant in court. This will mean missing precious productive hours earning for and sustaining your family. If the defendant skips bail, you will be the one responsible for locating and tracking your skip.

An Adams County bail bondsman will be the one to handle that. He/she will intervene on your defendant’s behalf should he/she be unable to attend a hearing due to an emergency (i.e., accident, illness). If the defendant skips bail, he will be the one to look for him/her. All you have to do is to provide him with the right resources and assistance to recover the fugitive.

No guidance

Posting bail can be confusing and distressing for those who are not well-versed with how does bail bond work. You need to file paper works and wait for the release of your defendant. There are some bail conditions you need to understand such as being a cosigner or indemnitor for posting bail.

Working with an Adams County bondsman means you got the help of someone who knows how to guide you on how to post bail. You will be informed of your rights as well as responsibilities as a cosigner.  You will also recognize the risks involved when you sign an agreement with a bail bondsman. A reputable bail bondsman will give you complete awareness so that you know how to protect and safeguard yourself.

Lack of Adams County bondsman support

Posting bail does not mean everything ends there. The whole process of taking care of your defendant continues until the court has reached a decision regarding the defendant’s case. The trial can drag on, and problems can arise during the trial period.

The court system can be confusing for a layman. Having a local bail bondsman means you have someone to help you understand court proceedings and how to help your defendant avoid getting or incurring penalties while out on bail.

VIP Bail Bonds know how important it is to get your loved one out. Prison is not a playground and who knows what happens inside a detention center. Let our licensed bail bondsmen help you out. We have all the resources needed, so you don’t have to worry about the tedious process of posting bail. If you have questions about how bail bonds work for your unique situation, you are free to call us at our bail hotline.

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