Get out of Jail after an Arrest in Arapahoe County

Since jail arrest can be a scary and confusing time for the individuals involved, there are always questions surrounding the best methods of action. Family and loved ones aren’t sure when it is necessary to retain professional legal services and whether they even need to at all.

Lawyer or Bail Bondsman?

The lawyer or the bail bondsman, who comes first?  Well, you do not need a lawyer to simply obtain a release from jail. However, for those facing criminal charges, hiring a criminal defense lawyer before an initial hearing would be of great help. In such cases, the attorney’s help to analyze the case and prepare the best defense is required.

When the judge sets the defendant’s bond, they are allowed to pay a fixed amount of money for a release from jail. By choosing to pay the entire bond amount upfront at the jail, the defendant will be released from custody and will get the money back on attending court hearings. Since bond amounts are high, many cannot afford to pay it once. For this reason, Bail Bonds Arapahoe County are commonly used instead.

Bail Bond Services!

With Bail Bonds Arapahoe County, the detainee only pays a portion of their bond amount. Although non-refundable, bail bonds are more convenient and cost-effective.

Considering the emergency needs of the defendant and their family members, fortunately, there are bail bondsmen who provide safe and secure services, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

However, being released from jail does not mean the accused individual is off the hook. The offenders until proven guilty are required to appear for their initial hearing as per the court orders. If they are found guilty of said crime, they will be sentenced and perhaps taken back into custody to serve a prison sentence.

Bail bond costs

The bail bond amount is based on the charges and only set by the judges in Arapahoe county bail schedule. Considering the details and severity of the crime, the bail schedules have different bail amounts. In many cases, detainees do not afford to pay the big amount and prefer hiring a bail bondsman. The professional bail bond agents know the jail systems and bail schedules well and thus can guide you through the entire process in handling release procedures. The sooner you contact the bail bondsman, the sooner the jail release process can happen.

Only judges are behind lowering, or raising the bail amount. The judge usually considers several factors to decide the bail amount, such as the severity of the offense, whether or not the accused is a danger to the community, past record, and your ties to the community. Taking into consideration these aspects, the judge could lower the bail, could also raise it, or deny bail altogether.

All in all, getting arrested, spending nights in jail, and the entire booking process are never easy. Here, legal assistance from bail bond agents has a significant role. With understating the urgent need for families, the agents help the accused come out of jail quickly and securely.

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