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5 Facts You Should know About Jefferson County Bail Bonds

The Jefferson County Detention Facility houses arrested individuals in Jefferson County. If you or your loved one is detained, you can get out of jail through Jefferson County bail bonds. The court shall decide on the conditions before you post bail. However, there are things you need to know about bail bonds in Jefferson County.

Not everyone is allowed to post bail

The judge will decide whether or not to let you out on bail. The reasons why bail is denied can be due to:

  • The nature of offense – serious crimes such as murder, kidnapping, rape, or drugs is mostly not allowed bail.
  • The frequency of offense – how often have you or your loved one have been charged with crimes in the past? Regardless of the nature of the offense, or when the previous offense was done, there is a chance you will be denied to post bail if you have a history with the court.
  • Showing disrespect to a judge – shouting, cursing, calling the judge names, or overall being arrogant in court will hold you in contempt.
  • History of skipping bail – skipping bail even once can leave a bad mark on your record and make the judge suspicious of your actions.
  • You are a threat to society – if you or your loved one show signs that you will harm yourself as well as others, no matter how light the offense will be, you won’t be granted bail

Know the bail conditions of your loved one before you call us. Find out whatever you can about the reason why bail was denied so that we can take the proper course of action.

Only licensed Jefferson County bail bondsman is allowed to post bail

You need to make sure that the bail bondsman in charge of bailing you out is licensed and insured. The same goes for the company you are dealing with. You are always welcome to ask our local bail bondsman for his/her license before signing a contract. You can counter check the name and license number in the Colorado Division of Insurance, the government agency responsible for regulating the laws governing bail bonds in Jefferson County.

You should know how to carry yourself while out on bail

The court will set a condition before you, or your loved one is allowed to go out. As a defendant you are expected to:

  • Attend all court hearings. Not just one or two, but all court dates until the court reaches a verdict.
  • Avoid any contact whatsoever with the victims or offended parties
  • Undergo DNA testing
  • Undergo biometrics
  • Staying within city, county or state boundaries
  • Attending rehabilitation therapy for drugs/alcohol abuse
  • Avoid drugs and/or alcohol use
  • Wear an ankle monitoring device

Failure to comply may lead to penalties, forfeiture of your bail, or getting back into prison. If you have problems attending a court hearing due to emergencies, inclement weather, or other issues, please contact our bail bondsman. We can also make arrangements if there’s a need for you to wear an ankle monitoring device.

You should arrange for bail ASAP

Taking care of bail bonds for immediate release should be done swiftly. The best time to get bail bonds in Jefferson is from the moment you were made aware of the incarceration. You can only get express bail bonds from a 24-hour bail bonds company. Even if you are dealing with an expert Jefferson bondsman, jail release may take 2-6 hours, depending on how busy the Sheriff’s office will be. It will take longer if you or your loved one is facing serious felony charges.

Fees for posting bail

You can get out of jail by paying 10 percent bail bonds as premium for the services rendered by the bonding agent or bonding company. If a bondsman tells you that you can get bail for lower than that, you are not dealing with a bondsman. Bail bond fees are regulated in the State of Colorado, which is why it’s important that you know the bail amount before you get surety bail bonds. Any other fees involved in posting bail should be clearly laid out and explained to you before you sign a contract. Payment should be made after the contract is signed.

Getting arrested is scary and confusing, especially for a first-time offender. Get out of the confusion and hire an expert to guide you throughout the process. VIP Bail Bonds offer bail bonding services in Jefferson County. Our 12 years of experience will help you through every step of the way. Any questions you have about bail bonds, our expert bail bondsman will answer.

When you find yourself arrested and alone in Jefferson County, contact us at our bail hotline (303) 778-0026. Our office is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.