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Bail bonds have come to the rescue of offenders who have been wrongfully accused. Bail Bonds assist the accused by cutting his jail time and assuring the court of the accused appearance on the day of the hearing.

Understanding how to post bail and asking the right questions can speed up the release process in Douglas County bail bonds. A bond bondsman can provide the required assistance and explain to you the process of posting bail with regard to the Douglas County Court system.

Bail Bondsman Duties

  • Anyone accused of a crime and gets arrested usually looks for the quickest way to get released while waiting for trials. Bail Bonds are the most commonly used ways that ensure safe and quick release from jail. Typically, the bail amount is too much to pay all at once, so the arrestee’s family needs to hire a bail bondsman to post bail. The bail bondsman’s primary duty is to guarantee full payment of the defendant’s bond to the court.
  • The bail bondsman verifies the defendant’s background and criminal record to figure out the risks involved. Many companies work strictly and do not provide a financial guarantee for everyone.
  • The bail bonds agent may ask the defendant’s family to sign over a lien to the property, just in case the accused misses the court date.
  • The bail bondsman is responsible to present accurate paperwork on the bail bond and maintains a copy of the record.
  • Despite hard efforts by a bail bondsman, it might actually take a few hours before the defendant gets released on bond because of the huge paperwork and procedures involved in the process. After the judge releases the defendant, the person can go anywhere however he must agree to return to court on the designated court date.
  • In case, the accused skips a court date or jumps bail, the bail bondsman holds the right to take any action including hiring a bail enforcement agent to track down the fugitive.

Types of Bail Bonds

There are several types of bail bonds that can be availed by defendants and their relatives alike, each are specific to the requirements:

Cash bond

A cash bond is usually used in a situation when a defendant requests to simply pay cash for their bail. Once the accused completes the required probationary terms of arrest and shows up to all the court hearings, the amount is returned as a whole.

Surety Bonds

When the defendant is arrested and taken into custody, his/her friend or family member can contact a professional indemnitor such as a bail bondsman to get assistance in the bail process. Such types of bonds require some form of collateral to cover the required bail amount.

Federal Bonds

Federal bonds are another choice when it comes to securely release from jail following an arrest. Such bonds are used only in the case of a federal crime including tax evasion, kidnapping, bank robbery, counterfeiting, and more. These bonds are less popular and are more expensive than the other ones.

Finding a Bail Bond Company

Whether you have been accused of murder, assault, or theft, bail bondsman assistance can greatly affect the bail process. Difficulties during the initial bail bond process can be easily avoided by choosing a good bail agency. Having a team of people with a good record of success and a high level of experience, and you really can’t go wrong. The bail bondsman will be able to provide all the useful information you need and allow you to sit back and relax while they handle your application.

Choosing the right bail bond agency is the most vital step, so take your time at the start of the process to ensure that you are making the wise decision.

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