24 Hour Bail Bonds Service

Being arrested or having a family member brought to jail is a stressful event. However, the process will become less distressing or dramatic when you know some facts concerning the process of getting bail.

Getting securely released from arrest on bail is common. However, you might not know how the bail bonds exactly work. The basic concept behind bail bonds is that if someone gets arrested, your loved one or family member on behalf can pay a bail amount to release the suspect given the assurance that the defendant will return to court for scheduled hearings.

Basically, bail is a kind of insurance money that the accused has to pay to the court. Considering the seriousness of the crime and the past record, the court sets this monetary value of the bail. In most cases, the accused or their family members are not able to pay the money in cash. This is where bail bonds come in! Also referred to as surety or insurance bond, a bail bond acts as a cash guarantee to the judge that the arrested person will return to court without the necessity of keeping them in custody.

The Roles and Duties of the Bail Bondsman in the Justice Field

Going through the process requires you to hire a bail bond agent or bail bondsman to take care of all the things related to the bail procedure. This is because the entire process is too complex for an inexperienced person to tackle. The 24-hour bondsman can help the defendants with their bail process around the clock.

If the bondsman chooses to render services on the defendant’s behalf, the family members or loved ones of the accused have to pay a premium of the total bail amount and or signs over a lien on personal property. The primary duty of the bail bondsman is to guarantee full payment of the defendant’s bond to the court, even if the defendant fails to appear for court visits or the trial.

How to get a bond?

Given your crime is bondable by statute, the court will set the bond from the standardized amount list you are booked. On your behalf, your family member can either post the cash bond or go through a bail bondsman to get you out of jail within the house.

If you are awaiting trial on a past offense or you have a bad criminal history, you might have to wait for a longer time to get released from custody. In cases of arrest on alcohol-related charges, the custody can be 8-9 hours or until the suspect is clean enough to be processed.

While out on bond, make sure not to get involved in any trouble with the law while your case is pending. Read and follow the terms of the bond or discuss it with the bail bondsman. In any situation, do not miss your court hearings or you could be arrested again. No matter if you are out on bond, if you get arrested on another charge, the court holds the power to revoke your bond and hold you in jail until your trial is completed.

Indeed, the right bail bond service can help minimize the amount of the bond, as well as provide you all the required information the accused need to secure a quick, safe release of the detainee. In such a difficult situation of life, the 24-hour bondsman can be your best bet in handling your problems, both confidently and confidentially on your behalf.

If you need an experienced 24-hour available bail bondsman, call VIP Bail Bonds at (303) 778-0026! With several years of experience in the industry and knowing the ins and outs of the bail bond service, we assure quality legal assistance to our clients. Speak to our 24-hour bondsman to discuss the matter!

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