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When an arrest occurs, most defendants will be allowed to post bail unless they have committed murder or an especially violent crime. It can be stressful waiting for your trial while sitting in a jail cell away from your family and those you hold dear. Adams Bail Bonds is here to help you or a loved one be released from jail to await trial. Our services are available 24/7 and we do all we can to help our clients through the process.

What are the Colorado Bail Bond Laws?

The primary purpose of bail is to ensure the defendant will show up for all scheduled court dates. It is imperative you or your loved one are aware of all court dates and appear on time so a bench warrant will not be issued.

Like most states in the union, a judge decides the bail amount for a defendant, based on their crime, previous record, and their flight risk. Once the amount has been set, defendants can put up their bail money or contact us to help.

The fee amount that is charged by Adams Bail Bonds is regulated by the state and we comply with all federal, state, and county rules and regulations. Most states set bonding fees at around 10%.


Why Should You Choose Adams Bail Bonds?

* Fast and courteous service

* Service for all courts in the state of Colorado

* Affordable payment plans

* 24-hour emergency service

* Prompt and reliable service

What Should You Consider Before Signing a Bail Bond Contract For Someone?

* Can you truly trust the person you are bailing out?

* How well and how long have you known them?

* Do they generally keep their word?

* Do they have a stable job they have worked at for a long period of time?

* Do they have a stable home they have lived in for a long period of time?

What Can You Expect From Our Services?

When you or a loved one contacts Adams Bail Bonds, you can expect to have all of your questions answered. Our expert agents will be there for you to help you through each step in the process. We can typically have you out of jail within an hour, depending on the cooperation of the officers. We will offer you the bail bond services you need, at a fair price that meets all county standards.

Contact Us Today!

If you or a loved one are in need of a bail bondsman, contact Adams Bail Bonds. We are available to provide you with services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We promise to deliver prompt and courteous service so you can be out of jail as soon as possible. Call us now at 303-778-0026 so we can help!

Adams County Jail: 303-655-3490

Jail Fee: $10

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